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Remembering 1972 Munich Olympic Games Massacre

Forty years ago members of a Palestinian terrorist organization found a way into the Olympic Village in Munich Germany and kidnapped 11 Israeli athletes in the hope of using them as hostages in a prisoner swap.  However, a botched German rescue went horribly wrong and all of the hostages were murdered as they sat in a helicopter with their arms and legs tied together awaiting departure for the airport and hopefully their release. 

The Face of Terrorism

Several movies on the subject have been made since, all of them heartbreaking.  Until “Munich” came along.  The difference?  “Munich” was based on the aftermath of the murders and how the Israeli Mossad went after the freed terrorists that were captured by the Germans.  What this movie proved, however, was that as much as the Israelis wanted blood for the murders they did not want it at the cost of becoming murderers themselves.  Years later the ultimate leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, Yasser Arafat, would be seen shaking hands with Yitshak Rabin in Washington in his attempt at peace.  He even received a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts.  Suddenly, everyone forgot about all the people he killed and Munich, even though “Black September,” a branch group of the PLO, claimed credit.  A detailed account of what happened that fateful day in 1972 can be read here, including the thoughts and interviews with olympian Mark Spitz.

The London games mark the 40th anniversary of this horrific mark on olympic history.  And what does the International Olympic Committee have to show for it?  Absolutely nothing.  Jacques Rogge, the International Olympic Committee’s President, feels as if the opening ceremonies are not the place to remember such a tragedy.  I wonder, where is the proper place?  These men were an integral part of the Olympic family and deserve the repsect and honor of their peers, especially during this time as an anniversary date of the massacre.  Who is he to make such a decision when the rest of the democratic world thinks otherwise?  Let’s face it;  His decision is based on two things, racism and politics.  If this were any other Christian or Muslim country that faced such a horrific incident every effort would be made to honor their athletes, but because they were Jews and Israeli’s to boot, there is no way Rogge or the IOC is going to upset the fragile balance of Olympic harmony with their Muslim neighbors who have threatened to boycott the games if such a memorial service is performed.

Only Fox News has the Chutzpah, or guts, to bring attention to these courageous men who died.  See reporter Jen Floyd Engel’s story here.


Botched Rescue

And finally, Bob Costas plans on adding his own on air commemoration prior to the games.  I am so glad that at least one news organization has still retained some semblance of the right kind of morals and values that the IOC and the Arab world doesn’t.  The shame of it all.  These are human beings competing in what are supposed to be the one moment when the world puts all of their differences aside and competes as one, regardless of politics and religion. But the Arab world doesn’t see it that way and the IOC, like the United Nations, capitulates to their every demand.  They should all be ashamed of themselves for such indifference and outright racism.  They should reach down deep into their hearts and do the right thing for once in the hope that this remembrance shall never be allowed to happen again.  Read the Bob Costas story here.


Casket of Israeli Athlete Carried by American Soldiers


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Yom HaZikaron Should be in the USA too

Yom HaZikaron

Yom HaZikaron

You may not like what I am about to say concerning Memorial Day, but it has to be said. I am appalled by what this holiday has become in the US. When it should be about memorializing the dead soldiers who fought in all of our wars, it has become all about barbeques, sales at the mall, and traveling. Even commercials on television, while sporting red, white, and blue, are pushing everything from shoes and shorts to cars and jewelry. It disgusts me to say the least, and should do so to you as well. This should be a sad holiday, not a celebration.

These people died for you for crying out loud. They deserve more than this. I propose a nationwide moment of silence at a specific time tomorrow as designated by the federal government, where everyone stops what they are doing and says a silent prayer. Am I insane you say? Not really. Actually, I got the idea from the country of Israel, where they do this exact thing. Just google it. My wife was there just a couple of weeks ago with a group of middle school kids when one day horns, like those you would find in tornado alley, were sounded and everyone everywhere stopped, even if they were in their cars on the highway, and stood where they were to honor their fallen. They do this for holocaust victims as well. She said that the kids were amazed at the fact that so many would do so much for their soldiers when back home in America nothing like this was done. The holiday in Israel has the same name also, although over there it’s pronounced in Hebrew as Yom HaZikaron. (See picture insert) If this doesn’t blow you away, nothing will.

Pass this message along to all fellow bloggers and help me feature it too Activerainers! I want to get the message out to all American soldiers that we do indeed care about the fallen and will be saying a prayer for all of them, for all wars fought, wherever they may be buried. And, to let the living know that we will not forget them should they also fall.

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Israel Is For Investors

From the mind of Richard Meier comes his latest project in Tel Aviv. Named after it’s designer, Meier, this new construction condo scheduled for completion in three years is a 32 floor masterpiece with panoramic views of the city and the mediterranean.

According to the current plan, the residential tower will be 32 stories high, or 150 meters, with a five stories lobby incorporating seating and hosting areas.
A total of 20,300 sq m will be reserved for residential use, including all technical services, lobby, lounge and other residential facilities.

Each 785 sq m flat can either be a single apartment or be divided into two, four or five apartments, on the first 10 floors. The condo also
offers penthouse plans as duplex and triplex.

The design and technology of the tower will be based on innovative systems to incorporate environmentally friendly living.

This photo gives you an idea of the breathtaking views from Meier.  It’s just a short walk to the beach too. 

Forget about what you have heard in the media.  Israel is as peaceful a country as one will ever see and extremely friendly towards it’s visitors, especially Americans as they are the country’s closest ally.  Tel Aviv is Israel’s largest city and you could literally see the rest of the country in a week by car. 

Contact me for more information at 954-214-6014 for more detailed information and pricing or visit my website at

Thanks for visiting.

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New Construction in Israel

I know what you are thinking. And no, what you see happening on CNN, Fox, etc. is truly NOT the face of Israel. As a matter of fact, the real estate business there is booming and there is no bubble because banks lend little, if any, money for residential sales. In fact, most of the buyers of the new projects on the Mediterranean are foreigners. Citizens of the country have to actually win the lottery just to buy a home.

Do not let threats from Iran or any of the other wacky Arab countries deter you from investing in Israel. I have been there four times and have never felt threatened. I actually find it to be quite a lovely and relaxing country that is incredibly friendly towards Americans especially. Getting around is a snap as everyone speaks English and all signage is in four languages. The security at all levels there is unmatched anywhere in the world. Why? Because there are no politically offensive or incorrect messages or policies that the federal government cares about using. Security is paramount and if you do not like the steps taken to ensure that, you can leave. We as a country can learn from that.

This brings me to my real estate point. If you like Miami Beach or Brickell, this is for you. The architecture is very similar with the art deco look,  and the amenities spectacular. But the best part of this project, Aviv, are the views of the Mediterranean. Underground parking abounds as well. This is about a two year project and deposit are being taken here with me at Fortune International Realty.  All contracts are assignable as well. 

Tel Aviv New

This building in particular is six floors with retail on the ground level and a garden area on the roof with shared “safe rooms” for everyone.  I liken these rooms to those of Americans in the 1950’s who had a bomb shelter in their back yard.  You can never be too safe in the government’s eyes.  Parking is underground and the beach is a ten minute walk.  Contact me at 954-214-6014 for additional detailed information.

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