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Yom HaZikaron Should be in the USA too

Yom HaZikaron

Yom HaZikaron

You may not like what I am about to say concerning Memorial Day, but it has to be said. I am appalled by what this holiday has become in the US. When it should be about memorializing the dead soldiers who fought in all of our wars, it has become all about barbeques, sales at the mall, and traveling. Even commercials on television, while sporting red, white, and blue, are pushing everything from shoes and shorts to cars and jewelry. It disgusts me to say the least, and should do so to you as well. This should be a sad holiday, not a celebration.

These people died for you for crying out loud. They deserve more than this. I propose a nationwide moment of silence at a specific time tomorrow as designated by the federal government, where everyone stops what they are doing and says a silent prayer. Am I insane you say? Not really. Actually, I got the idea from the country of Israel, where they do this exact thing. Just google it. My wife was there just a couple of weeks ago with a group of middle school kids when one day horns, like those you would find in tornado alley, were sounded and everyone everywhere stopped, even if they were in their cars on the highway, and stood where they were to honor their fallen. They do this for holocaust victims as well. She said that the kids were amazed at the fact that so many would do so much for their soldiers when back home in America nothing like this was done. The holiday in Israel has the same name also, although over there it’s pronounced in Hebrew as Yom HaZikaron. (See picture insert) If this doesn’t blow you away, nothing will.

Pass this message along to all fellow bloggers and help me feature it too Activerainers! I want to get the message out to all American soldiers that we do indeed care about the fallen and will be saying a prayer for all of them, for all wars fought, wherever they may be buried. And, to let the living know that we will not forget them should they also fall.


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