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Israel Is For Investors

From the mind of Richard Meier comes his latest project in Tel Aviv. Named after it’s designer, Meier, this new construction condo scheduled for completion in three years is a 32 floor masterpiece with panoramic views of the city and the mediterranean.

According to the current plan, the residential tower will be 32 stories high, or 150 meters, with a five stories lobby incorporating seating and hosting areas.
A total of 20,300 sq m will be reserved for residential use, including all technical services, lobby, lounge and other residential facilities.

Each 785 sq m flat can either be a single apartment or be divided into two, four or five apartments, on the first 10 floors. The condo also
offers penthouse plans as duplex and triplex.

The design and technology of the tower will be based on innovative systems to incorporate environmentally friendly living.

This photo gives you an idea of the breathtaking views from Meier.  It’s just a short walk to the beach too. 

Forget about what you have heard in the media.  Israel is as peaceful a country as one will ever see and extremely friendly towards it’s visitors, especially Americans as they are the country’s closest ally.  Tel Aviv is Israel’s largest city and you could literally see the rest of the country in a week by car. 

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