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Once Upon A Real Estate Time…

I ruled the rental world of South Florida with an iron fist.  When times were good, nobody wanted to touch rentals or property management.  It was beneath them.  And I thrived because I was the Wal-Mart of real estate rentals. I went where nobody else wanted to go.  And it paid off.  But as soon as the market tanked everyone was now a rental specialist.  Now these realtors were dipping into my territory and profits and there was really nothing I could do about it except keep giving out my superior service and keeping my clients informed that I was in it for the long haul and would never abandon them.

And four years into this recession from hell I am still here plugging along and my clients appreciate it.  They know that if I can hang in there and still at least help them through all of this then there is hope for us all.  The only thing that can set you apart as an outstanding realtor is service, especially now.  And yes, it is a cliche for most, but this is a philosophy I have always adhered to, not something that I came up with now because there are no other tools.  My clients speak for themselves and as professionals you too should strive to keep your clients happy and informed by always going the extra mile for them.  It always pays off in the long run.

However, it doens’t always work that way.  I thrive on referrals and the only way to get them is to impress your clients with superior service.  Others don’t so much.  This is why I make it a point to insist that my potential clients read my resume, call my references, and read my blogs.  How else are you going to know anything about your agent?  Just because an agent has a big, fancy ad in the paper or glossy magazine does not make them a specialist.  Do your homework.  The hiring of an agent, including one that specializes in rentals and property management, is just as important as a sale, and therefore, should be interviewed thoroughly.


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