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This Realtor Likes Velma Hart

I was astonished today when I turned on the news and watched this woman finally stand up to the President in disgust.  Her comments were clear, well thought out, and to the point.  How refreshing.  Finally, instead of praising and kissing his behind someone has the guts to confront the President and ask him point blank what he is doing about the current state of the economy.  What surprised me even more was the way in which she delivered her questioning and lecturing.  Not a hint of disrespect, but more like a parent expressing her disappoint in her child.  She did not fumble her words in the least.  Nothing could be more disconcerting to a man in this position of power.  How humbling it must have been.  Maybe now he’ll get the message.  If you haen’t seen my new hero yet, take a minute to view this Youtube vido link.


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